• We will help you with bookkeeping
  • We will audit your financial closing
  • We can help with your accounting processes
  • We can help with transformations

Specialization and expertise

Outsourcing services

Bookkeeping in line with Czech GAAP or IFRS, payroll accounting, preparation of tax returns (CIT, VAT, etc.), preparation of financial statements, consolidated financial statements, group reporting.

Audit services

Statutory audits of individual and consolidated financial statements in line with International Standards on Auditing (ISA), audits of group consolidation packages, contractual audits, AUP.

Advisory services

Accounting advisory services for start-ups, preparation of internal guidelines, transformation of accounting from CZ GAAP to IFRS, US GAAP etc., configuring the consolidation process.

Accounting process

Delivery of documents

You can send us the documents by email or remote access or we can meet for coffee and collect the documents in person. You can use the comfortable mPohoda app for issuing invoices – we will instruct you on how to use it.

Processing of documents

We will process the documents in the Pohoda accounting SW and prepare tax returns and any other legal requisites. If necessary, we can represent you in communication with the authorities.

Reporting to client

We will prepare monthly/quarterly reporting. At the year-end, we will prepare the annual financial statements. With a cloud solution, you can access your data anytime, anywhere.

Audit process

Prefinal audit

The first phase of the audit in the client’s premises is performed before the end of the year. During the pre-final audit, we will recommend what to watch out for when closing the accounts and we will prepare a pre-final audit memorandum with findings and recommendations.

Final audit

After the closing of accounts, we will come to your premises for the final audit. The final audit is the most important part of the audit process, where we will test all significant accounts. We also prepare a final audit memorandum with all findings and recommendations.

Finalization of audit

After the final audit, we will help you with the financial statements and the annual report, to ensure that the financial closing presents all relevant information according to CZ GAAP or IFRS. We will then issue an auditor’s report.

Corporate values

We pride ourselves on friendly and open cooperation with our clients. Our goal is to provide superior services on the level of multinational consulting companies.

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